Maharashtrian aamati (dal)- type 2

1/2 cup toor dal
1 medium sized onion,
1 teaspoon tamarind pulp,
3-4 green chilies,
curry leaves,
2 teaspoon Maharashtrian goda masala,
1 teaspoon turmeric powder,
1/4 teaspoon asafoetida (hing),
1 teaspoon mustard seeds or cumin seeds,
1 small piece jaggery or 1 teaspoon sugar
grated fresh or dry coconut,
coriander leaves,
salt to taste

1. Pressure cook dal till soft. Remove from the cooker and mash it.

2. Chop onions into vertical thin pieces. Chop chilies.

3. Heat 2 teaspoon oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds or cumin seeds. When they pop up, add asafoetida, turmeric powder curry leaves, and onion pieces and chilies. At this stage add goda masala. Fry for sometime or till the onion turns light brown. Add mashed dal and 1 cup water. Stir.

4. Cook on high heat and when bubbles rise on the top, turn the heat to medium. Add salt, jaggery, tamarind pulp and coconut. Mix well and simmer.

5. Decorate with coriander leaves. Serve with plain rice, pulao, or chapatis.

Tips: Add crushed garlic cloves for variation.

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