2 cups stock of any pressure cooked pulses (such as whole green gram or moth beans),
1 cup coconut milk,
1/2 cup buttermilk,
1 inch fresh ginger root,
2 tsp cumin seeds,
4 green chilies,
lots of chopped coriander leaves,
jaggery or sugar to taste,
salt to taste.

1. How to get the stock: Boil any pulses in plenty of water. Strain them and use only water as the stock.

2. Grind chilies, ginger root and cumin seeds together.

3. Add the ground masala to the stock. Add coconut milk, jaggery and salt. Keep it over medium heat.

4. Keep stirring constantly to avoid curdling. Finally turn the heat to low, slowly add buttermilk and again stir.

5. Garnish with coriander leaves just before serving. Serve hot.

Tip: You can refrigerate the stock for 2-3 days.