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Peanut Powder
Shengdanyache Koot (Peanut Powder)


  • Some raw peanuts with skins on,
  • 1 small tsp oil (optional),


  1. Rub very little amount of oil to peanuts and roast them in a pan over medium heat or in the preheated oven on 375° F (quantity as per your requirement) until light brown and aromatic.
  2. Remove and rub them into your palms to remove their skins.
  3. Grind the roasted peanuts into a coarse or fine powder as per your liking. The traditional method is to pound them using mortar and pestle.

Tips and Variations:

1) Peanut powder is used in raitas and chutneys, or to thicken the gravies. It also enhances the flavor if used in fasting foods such as Sabudana Khichdi. It lasts more than six months if stored dry at room temperature.

2) Try making powder with peanuts' skins on.